Business Networking Mistakes to Avoid

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October 26, 2012 by gywakypyl

You already know that, if you want your business to be successful, you are going to have to network. This is necessary for businesses that are on and off the web. You have to build business relationships by networking. This is how you will let people know what you are selling. This is a good way to get business referrals because of people like what you are advertising, then they will tell others about your company. It is not, however, always easy. Although you do not see how hard it can be, there are potential ways to err. This article will talk about a couple of the networking mistakes that people often make and how you can completely avoid them.

Meeting someone for lunch is networking unless it’s a personal friend, and business people are different. While you are not necessarily going to a networking event to schedule lunches, it happens so have an open mind. You won’t want to start talking like you’ve been friends for a long time, and remember it’s business. Do your research before the meeting, but it is okay to not know about someone when you happen upon them randomly. Another thing to avoid is coming on too strong and asking everybody for a meeting.

You can immediately turn-off people in a business setting by trash-talking and especially when you call out names, etc. You never know about anything, and the other person may become offended. The consequences of this type of thing are serious, and word may get around about you and what you do. So it just doesn’t matter at all about the other person you may want to gossip about. If you are bound and determined to meet the person and want to work the “we know the same person angle” you can still do that. Nothing beats being direct and approaching a person and introducing yourself.

If you ask someone for a business meeting or “to get to know each other and see if our businesses are complimentary” let that person talk during the meeting. If the person agrees to meet you, then that is fine and you can talk. If you simply want to sell yourself or your products to the person you can do that through traditional marketing avenues. You know what this is about or you should know. Ask the other person how they conduct their business, and what they think of you and your products. There are many other details you should know, and that entails furthering your knowledge.

You already know how to networking because you have been doing it all your life. The kinds of networking mistakes can be difficult, but there are always new events you can go to – so there is redemption. Some people have chosen to specialize in this area, so they are the real experts, here.


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